New STEP™ Transformer Product Line Introduced

Schott Corp. has introduced a new family of Self-Terminated EP7, 10, 13 Line Isolation Transformers that reduce board real estate, while providing performance levels of much larger EP package styles used in the marketplace. 

STEP™ 7 surface mount transformers measure .390 high, .350 width, and .385 length. The width is much smaller than an equivalent surface mount gullwing package, allowing for higher board densities and greater number of channels for Central Office DSL applications. 

All STEP™ transformers meet IEC950 safety Agency requirements for supplementary insulation at 250VRMS working voltage. STEP™ transformers are available for EP5 through 17 core sizes. STEP™ 13 transformers measure .425 high max. Major chipset manufacturers and OEMs have endorsed these new packages for enhanced electrical performance, improved Third Harmonic Distortion (THD), and cost savings. Catalog and Custom models are available. 

For additional information about STEP™ transformers or other Schott products, contact sales at 952-475-1173, e-mail:, or visit our website at 


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