Schott Introduces new STEP8™ Transformers for Infineon Technologies ADSL Geminax chipset

 Schott Corporation, a leading manufacture of magnetic solutions, announced the availability of new Line Interface and Low Pass Filter Transformers for Infineon Geminax PEB 22716 Line Driver and PEB 4561/-2 Broadband SLIC.

Schott 39761 STEP8 ADSL Transformer is a Self-Terminated EP7 transformer (SMD) that fulfils the PSD requirements given by ANSI T1.413 issues 1 & 2 standard and ITU-T G.dmt & G.lite standards. Key features are low THD (linearity), small size and low cost. The small footprint and low profile ensure the best usage of PCB real estate. Contact Schott for alternate package styles that are available, or in development.

Schott 39812 STEP8 Low Pass Filter Transformer. This is also a Self-Terminated EP7 Transformer (SMD). It provides the characteristics to handle the POTS band. Key features are stable inductance, good balance, and low interwinding capacitance.

Click on 39761 or Click on 39812 for PDF's. Products are available through direct sales, as well as authorized distributors. For sample request, product inquiries, contact sales at 952-475-1173 or E-mail: For additional information on Geminax chipset or applications contact Infineon Technologies at


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