Schott Introduces New ADSL Line Interface Transformers

Schott Corp. announced today the immediate availability of eight new line transformers that interface with Texas Instruments’ (TI) TNETD3000 central office and customer premise Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) chipsets. These transformers have been developed to interface with TI's line drivers, THS6002, 6012, and 6022. Schott's 32828 (surface mount) are designed for central office applications, and its 33817 (throughole) is designed for customer premise modem applications.

The Schott transformers also are designed to meet supplementary insulation requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 950 documents, and are rated for a working voltage of 250Vrms. Four of the transformers have been designed to meet UL1950 and EN60950 from UL and BABT, respectively.

"We are very pleased to be working with Schott to deliver DSP-based ADSL solutions to our customers," said Ben Sheppard, TI ADSL Product Marketing Manager. "Schott's family of line transformers are matched to TI's industry-leading analog designs to provide standards compliant ADSL modems with exceptional performance. The transformers also enable the small footprint needed for today's broadband market."

All transformers provide excellent total harmonic distortion (linearity) and longitudinal balance throughout the entire ADSL data frequency range of 30kHz through 1.1MHz. In addition, all transformers meet ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, Category 1 and 2, as well as ITU G.dmt and G.Lite standards. The small footprint and low profile ensure the best usage of premium PC board real estate.

Schott's throughole modem transformer 33817 is available in trays and its surface mount

central office transformer 32828 is available in tape and reel. A datasheet that lists full electrical and mechanical specifications for the complete family of transformers is available. The 33817 and 32828 products are priced at $2.10 in quantities of 10,000 pieces. Samples are available immediately. Production quantities are available from stock to 4 weeks.

Schott Corp. founded in 1951, is headquartered in Wayzata, Minnesota. Schott is a world-class producer of magnetic components. For years Schott Corporation has designed and built custom-engineered and catalog magnetic products for customers throughout the world. The company focuses on xDSL, telecommunication, data processing, power conditioning and conversion, and medical instrumentation and devices. Manufacturing facilities are located in Minneota, Marshall, Canby, and Duluth Minnesota, with subcontracting locations in Mexico, and the Far East. Products are available through direct sales, as well as authorized distributors. Contact Schott's worldwide headquarters in the United States at 612-475-1173, or e-mail:



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