Schott Corporation has worked closely with National Semiconductor to biuld a line of premium inductors designed specifically for use with the Simple Switcher® in DC/DC applications. Excellent self-shielding makes these inductors ideal for any
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 Part NumberPrevious Schott P/NNSC ReferenceInductance µH MinSaturating Current Amps DCMaximum DCR OhmsConfigurationQuantity
3403767126980L 4742-503.000.02518x11 PC
3403867126990L 6865-783.000.03022x13 PC
3403967127000L 10092-1123.000.03522x13 PC
3404067127010L 150135-1602.000.04522x13 PC
3404167127020L 220200-2401.300.07018x11 PC
3404267127030L 330300-3601.000.11018x11 PC
3404367127040L 470430-5100.950.14518x11 PC
3404467127050L 680620-7300.620.17518x11 PC
3404567127060H 150135-1653.000.06022x13 PC
3404667127070H 220195-2353.000.04030x19 PC
3404767127080H 330295-3553.000.07030x19 PC
3404867127090H 470430-5201.900.06030x19 PC
3404967127100H 680620-7501.300.28022x13 PC
3405067127110H1000900-11000.900.25022x13 PC
3405167127120H15001400-16000.620.26022x13 PC
3405267127130H22002000-24000.420.90018x11 PC
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