Interface Transformers for Conexant HDSL Chipsets

  • Central Office or Remote Applications
  • Excellent THD performance
  • Low insertion loss enables maximum loop lengths
  • Meets ANSI T1E1.4/96-006, ETSI ETR-152 and Bellcore TA-NWT-001210 standards
  • Designed to op 

Click for Printable Spec Sheet with Electrical and Mechanical Schematics.

 Part NumberChip P/NApp Datarate KbpsOCL Line mHOCL Ind Tol ±%Turns Ratio Chip:Line ±2%Leakage µH MaxDCR Chip Ohms MaxDCR Line Ohms MaxDielectric Strength VAC MinPackage / SchematicQuantity
31438BT8921/707843.051:1:1111.002.501500EP13 THD
31742BT8921/7011682.051:1:1251.002.501500EP13 THD
29330BT8921/707843.031:1:1401.052.502500*EP17 THD
29331BT8921/7011682.031:1:1401.002.502500*EP17 THD
30513BT8921/707843.051CT:1:1162.202.20150023x11 THD
30514BT8921/7011682.051CT:1:1162.202.201500*23x11 THD
33846BT89527843.042CT:1:1202.062.091500EP13 THD
33847BT895211682.032CT:1:1202.062.091500EP13 THD
22632BT89527843.032:1:1303.402.502500*EP17 THD
22320BT895211682.032:1:1202.102.002500*EP17 THD
29872BT89601608.031:1:1502.103.202500*EP17 THD
28887BT89602885.051:1:1502.103.202500*EP17 THD
28888BT89604163.551:1:1251.603.203550*EP17 THD
30546BT89707843.061:2111.002.502050**EP13 THD
35548BT8970 / CN897311682.061:2101.402.501500**EP13 THD (6)
36437CN8973144-23202.061:2101.402.501500**EP13 SMD (7)

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Electrical Specifications Test Criteria

  1. These transformers are designed for operating within a temperature range of -40° C to +85° C. All electrical characteristics are reported for operating at 25° C.
  2. Inductance is measured at 10 kHz, 0.1 Vrms, leakage inductance at 100 kHz, 0.1 

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