SMN4532 Series
Drum Core Inductors


  • High energy storage and low resistance
  • Reliable surface mounting, flat top for pick and place
  • Smaller real estate than other common inductors
  • Robust temperature deflection to help prevent damage during solder reflow
  • Tape and Reel mechanical specifications available upon request
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Highly resistive core for EMI suppression applications
  • Lead Free and RoHS compliant
  Maximum Dimensions Reference Dimensions
Series Number Units D W H Y A B C
SMN4532 Inches 0.189 0.169 0.138 0.047 0.217 0.047 0.169
  (mm) (4.80) (4.30) (3.50) (1.20) (5.50) (1.20) (4.30)

 Part NumberL
SMN4532-0011.00.033 3.80±20%
SMN4532-0021.80.042 2.91±20%
SMN4532-0032.20.047 2.60±20%
SMN4532-0042.70.052 2.43±20%
SMN4532-0053.30.058 2.15±20%
SMN4532-0063.90.076 1.98±20%
SMN4532-0074.70.094 1.70±20%
SMN4532-0085.60.101 1.60±20%
SMN4532-0096.80.117 1.41±20%
SMN4532-00108.20.132 1.26±20%
SMN4532-0011100.182 1.15±20%
SMN4532-0012120.210 1.05±20%
SMN4532-0013150.235 0.92±20%
SMN4532-0014180.338 0.84±20%
SMN4532-0015220.378 0.76±20%
SMN4532-0016270.522 0.71±20%
SMN4532-0017330.540 0.64±10%
SMN4532-0018390.587 0.59±10%
SMN4532-0019470.844 0.54±10%
SMN4532-0020560.937 0.50±10%
SMN4532-0021681.117 0.46±10%
SMN4532-00221001.150 0.11±10%
  • Inductance measured at Ls 1.0μH to 8.2μH at (7.96MHz); Ls 10μH to 82μH at (2.52MHz); Ls 100μH to 1000μH at (100kHz)
  • DCR is a maximum @20°C
  • IRMS current is applied to produce a typical 10°C drop in nominal inductance or a typical temperature rise of 40°C, whichever is lower.



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