Thru Hole Devices LM259x/LM267x

  • Ideal for robust applications.
  • Low EMI/Self shielded design.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Low DCR for cool operation.
  • Designed for low ripple.
  • Stable inductance over varying loads.

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 Part NumberPrevious Schott P/NNSC ReferenceInductance µH MinSaturating Current Amps DCMaximum DCR OhmsConfigurationQuantity
3452967143910L12850.170.250EP7 THD
3453067143920L21830.190.200EP7 THD
3453167143930L31220.250.100EP7 THD
3453267143940L4830.300.075EP7 THD
3453367148310L6580.350.065EP7 THD
3453467148320L8410.400.035EP7 THD
3453567148330L10270.500.030EP7 THD
3453667143950L53750.300.700EP7 THD
3453767143960L72500.350.550EP7 THD
3453867143970L91730.450.300EP7 THD
3453967143980L111150.550.250EP7 THD
3454067143990L12780.700.200EP7 THD
3454167144000L13540.800.130EP7 THD
3454267148340L14381.100.075EP7 THD
3454367148350L15261.300.060EP7 THD
3454467148360L16181.600.050EP7 THD
3454567144030L173750.420.320EP10 THD
3454767144050L191730.630.180EP10 THD
3454867144060L201150.760.940EP10 THD
3454967144070L21780.950.070EP10 THD
3455067144080L22541.150.045EP10 THD
3455167144090L23381.370.034EP10 THD
3455267148370L24251.650.030EP10 THD
3455367148380L25182.000.021EP10 THD
3455467144100L263750.850.240EP13 THD
3455567144110L272501.000.150EP13 THD
3455667144120L281731.200.120EP13 THD
3455767144130L291151.500.090EP13 THD
3455867144140L30781.850.050EP13 THD
3455967144150L31542.250.350EP13 THD
3456067144160L32382.700.030EP13 THD
3456167148390L33253.500.024EP13 THD
3456267148400L36184.000.015EP13 THD
3456367144170L372501.700.180EP17 THD
3456467144180L381732.200.110EP17 THD
3456567144190L391152.500.070EP17 THD
3456667144200L41783.250.045EP17 THD
3456767144210L44543.700.040EP17 THD
3456867144220L34383.600.035EP13 THD
3456967144230L35263.700.025EP13 THD
3457167144240L421153.300.100EP17 THD
3457267144250L43683.500.060EP17 THD

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Electrical Specifications Test Criteria

  • All inductors designed for operating at -40°C to +130°C.
  • Inductance is measured at 10 kHz, 0.1 Vrms.
  • Saturating current is the current at which the inductance is equal to a minimum of 90% of the rated value.
  • All terminals jumpered on e

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