With over 70 years of experience in the industry, SCHOTT assists customers in the rapid development, prototyping, and production of magnetics and electronics contract manufacturing in the United States, Mexico, and China.


Since 1951, SCHOTT has specialized in the manufacture and design of a wide range of high-quality transformers, inductors, and magnetic components made to customer specifications. SCHOTT manufactures these products for various markets throughout the US and abroad. Some of these markets include; industrial/commercial, telecommunications, energy, aerospace, medical, and defense. SCHOTT is more than just a supplier, rather a partner with its customers in the development of products and production as an extension of its customers’ manufacturing footprint.


SCHOTT began as a part-time home business in 1946 by its founder, Oscar A. SCHOTT. In 1951, SCHOTT was incorporated. In 1970, when activities became diversified, the Marshall facility began operations producing pulse transformers for computers and telecommunication systems. In the 1973, the Minnesota facility began its operations producing power transformers. Due to growth and expansion, the Canby facility was added in 1979 and the Tijuana, Mexico plant was added in 1995.

In 2003 SCHOTT was acquired by TACNA International Corporation and moved its corporate headquarters to San Diego, California. As part of the acquisition, TACNA purchased SCHOTT’s Mexico and Minnesota manufacturing operations, which it continues to operate today.


SCHOTT has proven experience in the transformer and magnetics industry giving it a worldwide presence. The company has manufacturing facilities in Tijuana, Mexico, Canby, Minnesota, and Shenzhen, China. SCHOTT strives to enrich the lives of its customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, to be the “Employer of Choice” for each community and operates in an environmentally responsible way. Our world-class quality system is ISO-9001:2015 certified, including UL, EN60950, UL 60601, and CSA certifications. Our products are RoHS compliant, lead (Pb) free, and conflict-free.