U.S.-Based ITAR Registered Manufacturer in Mexico

When you’re in the aerospace and defense industry and need custom magnetics designed and manufactured, you absolutely need an ITAR registered company.  

What Does It Mean to Be ITAR Registered?

ITAR (The International Traffic in Arms Regulations) is a set of U.S. Government regulations relating to the import and export of defense-related products and services. To be ITAR registered means a company is 100% compliant with ITAR requirements.

Who Needs to Be ITAR Registered?

Unauthorized transfer of products or technical information can potentially jeopardize national security. This is why any magnetics and electronics contract manufacturer who exports goods or information must be an ITAR registered company.

How Do You Get ITAR Registered?

To be ITAR registered, a company must meet numerous requirements related to:

  • Company structure
  • Corporate Policy
  • Training
  • Procedures

The company must then file documentation with the Department of State demonstrating they have the knowledge and systems in place to fully comply with ITAR and AECA (Arms Export Control Act).

Why ITAR Registration Is Important?

The reason why ITAR registration is important is not only to ensure a company complies with U.S. Government regulations but to also ensure your plans and designs are safe while on their premises or in their possession.

Work With an ITAR Registered Manufacturer

Schott Magnetics is 100% compliant with ITAR and AECA regulations which allows us to design and custom manufacture magnetics products like transformers, inductors, and electronic assemblies in Mexico for the aerospace and defense industry.

Our U.S.-based company gives you the option to have your products manufactured in Mexico, where we have very experienced sales and engineering staff, factory management, engineers, quality personnel, and front-line workers who can deliver shorter lead times at lower prices.

Work with a trusted ITAR registered and compliant company for your next contract manufacturing project.

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