Schott Magnetics: UL and CSA Standards

When you’re spending a lot of money on magnetics products (transformers, inductors, coils, integrated assemblies), you expect them to be safe and reliable. Your workforce, customers, and business depend on it. 

Schott Magnetics meets EN 60950/UL 60601 UL and CSA standards, meaning our products are constructed to be of utmost safety and reliability. This means you can trust us and our products to perform exactly how you need without worrying about your investment.

UL and CSA

You may have some questions about UL and CSA standards and certification. Here we answer those FAQs.

What Is UL?

UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories, which is an independent U.S. organization that issues certificates of safety for high-risk electrical (and other) products. 

What is UL 60950?

UL 60950 is a set of standards for safety information technology equipment.  

What Are UL Safety Standards?

UL safety standards are written documents outlining the process in which a product is tested. UL standards are accredited in the US and Canada and are used to help mitigate risk, injury, or danger of certain services, systems, and products (such as electromagnetic components).

What Is UL Safety Certification?

UL safety certification is a process a facility, personnel, process, product, or system can use to demonstrate regulatory compliance and deliver worldwide confidence.  

What Are UL Certification Requirements?

To be UL safety certified, Schott Magnetics designs products to the American National Standards. Our products are tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory to ensure compliance. We are then issued the UL certification mark. Our certified products then enter the U.S. marketplace to our loyal customer base.

Is UL Certification Mandatory in the USA?

No, obtaining UL certification is not mandatory by U.S. law. However, using UL-recognized products in certain applications may be required.

What Is CSA Certification?

CSA stands for Canadian Standards Association and its standards are internationally recognized. CSA sets safety requirements and standards for electrical, mechanical, and other high-risk products.   

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