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Does your business have an idea for a product but doesn’t currently have the capabilities to make it? Finding a manufacturer that can offer custom product development, prototyping, and production can be difficult. Most businesses have to turn to multiple production facilities to get everything they need. 

But what if you didn’t have to do that? What if a single manufacturer could handle everything from design to prototyping to production? 

Enter turnkey manufacturing services.  

But what does turnkey mean in manufacturing? This guide explains what turnkey manufacturing is, how it benefits your business, and how Schott Magnetics is your go-to for turnkey manufacturing of electromagnetics.   

Turnkey Manufacturing Explained

Turnkey manufacturing is where a manufacturer takes care of creating a business’s product from start to finish. This means the manufacturer handles:

  • Design
  • Material Gathering
  • Prototyping
  • Assembly
  • Fabrication
  • Production
  • Installation (if needed)
  • Packaging
  • Technical Service
  • Delivery
  • Aftermarket Support

The term “turnkey” refers to having a product that’s ready to use, like a car, where all you have to do is turn the key to get it to work. Industries that often turn to turnkey manufacturing include:

Turnkey Manufacturing versus Contract Manufacturing

Turnkey manufacturing is a form of contract manufacturing. Contract manufacturing is when production creation is outsourced to a manufacturer. You provide them with the details and/or schematics needed to make the product. 

In contrast, turnkey manufacturing is a form of contract manufacturing where the manufacturer takes care of all aspects of the product creation based on your needs. 

The close contact required for this type of contract manufacturing often makes nearshore manufacturing the best option. Nearshore manufacturing is when a company uses a manufacturer in a nearby country to save money while sharing a time zone, such as American companies using manufacturers in Mexico. So, if you’re an American business, having a Mexico manufacturing partner would streamline the entire turnkey manufacturing process.

7 Benefits of Using Turnkey Manufacturing for Electromagnetics

Here are the seven business benefits of using turnkey manufacturing for your electromagnetic needs:

1. Contact a Single Manufacturer

When using a turnkey manufacturer, you only need one point of contact for the entire development process of your product. Using a standard manufacturer, you’d need multiple facilities to create a custom electromagnetic product. Keeping track of multiple points of contact can become confusing and lead to complications during production. 

2. Pay One Bill

As with the single point of contact, using a turnkey manufacturer means all your invoicing comes from one source. This makes it easier to track spending and see exactly what you’re getting from each part and service. 

3. Save Money

Producing a product from start to finish in-house requires significant funds. You need to hire specialized staff, provide a compliant place to work, and purchase the required equipment. Using a turnkey manufacturer eliminates all those costs, as they already have everything needed to make your product.

Those savings can go into other aspects of your business, allowing it to grow even further. 

Choosing a turnkey manufacturer with facilities in Mexico can save you even more money because working with a manufacturer in Mexico costs even less than in China. The average salary of a production worker in China is around $13,000 USD, while a production worker in Mexico has an average salary of around $3,000

4. Gain Expertise & Certifications

Using a turnkey manufacturer lets you take advantage of that manufacturer’s expertise in creating products within your field. For example, an electromagnetic manufacturer knows what materials to use (and where to get them at the best possible price). 

They’re also the ones to get all the needed certifications to produce said products. For example, as laid out in the ITAR, the Arms Export Control Act requires manufacturers in the defense field to register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) to be able to produce defense products.

5. Focus on Other Business Matters

Letting a turnkey manufacturer take over the entire electromagnetic product development process allows you and your team to focus on other essential business tasks such as customer service, marketing, and new product development. 

6. Ensure Your Product Is Top Quality

Managing multiple manufacturers is not merely time-consuming; it can also allow mistakes to slip through. Despite your preparations, there’s no guarantee every plant will have the same standard for quality. 

Whether it’s the materials they use, how they assemble their portion of the product, or if they understand and follow the design, there are many places where quality can drop. 

Using a turnkey manufacturer eliminates these potential discrepancies because it’s all done by the same company. Each individual within the production process will be in communication with one another. 

7. Changes to the Product Are Easy to Implement

Sometimes, changes both big and small are required, and the ability to quickly pivot is crucial to create a top-quality product. A turnkey manufacturer can easily include these changes, given everyone is under the same roof. If you were using multiple manufacturers, it would not only take a lot of time to contact each other, but they may not have the same flexibility. 

Is Turnkey Manufacturing Best for Your Business?

If you want an electromagnetic manufacturing partner who can help you through every step of the product development process, turnkey manufacturing is likely for you. Having this type of partner ensures that not only will your product be developed, but it will be top quality. 

Even the smallest details matter, which is why Schott Magnetics offers turnkey manufacturing for electromagnetic products like inductors, transformers, and coils for various industries. Our production facilities in Mexico have the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Systems Certified Facilities
  • UL and Safety Agency Certifications and Support
  • EN 60950/UL 60601 CSA & UL
  • ITAR Registered – US
  • RoHS, Pb Free & Conflict Materials Compliant

Contact us to start the development process for your electromagnetic products today.

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