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There’s a long list of manufacturers in Mexico—for good reason. Maquiladoras (Mexican factories that manufacture and export products to a foreign country) have been a huge industry for decades. They account for approximately 80% of production and constitute over 30% of Mexico’s GDP. Over 600 manufacturers in Mexico can be found in Tijuana alone, right across the U.S. border near San Diego, California. 

In short, there is no shortage of options for your electromagnetic component manufacturing needs. Though outsourcing your contract manufacturing can seem daunting, it could be a great shift for your business. In this article, you’ll learn more about how to find manufacturers in Mexico, including areas, industries, and processes. 

Main Manufacturing Areas in Mexico

Mexico is bursting with different manufacturing areas. While certain locations are considered the hub of centralized Mexican manufacturing, your options don’t end there. Depending on your business’s industry, there may be areas of the country where they specialize in your manufacturing needs. 

Some of the most important manufacturing areas in Mexico include: 

  • Tijuana: This industrial and financial center is a bustling hub for all things manufacturing. Due to the quickly growing population and talented workforce, Tijuana is becoming a major player in the manufacturing world. 
  • Ensenada: This area is just 78 miles south of San Diego, which makes it the perfect location for many industries, including medical and retail. 
  • Hermosillo: One of the strongest manufacturing locations in the country is Hermosillo, an area specializing in automobiles and technology. 
  • Tecate: As a rapidly growing area with over 100 diverse and productive operations, Tecate is becoming a strong contender in the industry.
  • Mexicali: Recognized as the state’s capital and located on the California border, this area concentrates on technology, science, and other industries.
  • San Luis Rio Colorado: This area is a central location for manufacturing products in the textile, electronic, automotive, electromagnetic, and metal mechanic industries. 
  • San Luis Potosi: Access to this manufacturing area couldn’t be easier—featuring a local international airport and rapid travel times, San Luis Potosi has grown exponentially. There are 17 industrial parks here. 
  • Guanajuato: This location is one of Mexico’s biggest players in manufacturing. They have access to a large majority of the market and a majority of the automotive industry specifically. For logistics and production of chemical products and textiles, it’s the best you can find.
  • Queretaro: If you’re looking for an area specializing in electronics, automotive, and aerospace manufacturers, Queretaro is the place. With a commitment to the craft and an immensely talented workforce, it makes sense why so many companies gravitate to this area. 
  • Aguascalientes: For those searching for a metal mechanic and automotive-specific manufacturing area, Aguascalientes is ideal. It employs a young and skilled workforce, efficient operations across manufacturing companies, and relatively easy access. 

Top Companies Manufacturing in Mexico

While having an increased awareness of Mexican manufacturing areas can be especially useful, sometimes you need a more precise understanding. Knowing which companies trust these manufacturing areas with their products can help you visualize the process. 

Here are some of the top companies manufacturing in Mexico:

  • Kenworth PACCAR
  • UTC Aerospace
  • SC Johnson
  • GKN Aerospace
  • Taylor Guitars
  • Fender Guitars
  • Flextronics
  • ICU Medical
  • Ford
  • Bosch
  • Nissan
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • GM

Mexico is a vibrant and growing place that is moving into an age of innovation. It makes sense why so many top companies are entrusting manufacturing companies in Mexico.

Why Choose a Mexican Manufacturer for Your Electromagnetic Components

Using an outsourced Mexican manufacturer for your electromagnetic components may seem intimidating at first. In the long run, though, there are many benefits of contract manufacturing in Mexico, and we list five of them here:

  1. Requires a much lower investment. Running an entire manufacturing operation is cost-prohibitive. Outsourcing saves money on facilities, equipment, operations, and labor. 
  2. Has a quick startup time. It only takes a few weeks for production to begin. 
  3. Uses a highly talented, trained, and efficient workforce. The Mexican manufacturing workforce spans multiple generations. Employees are diverse, skilled, efficient, and innovative. 
  4. Removes the burden of regulatory compliance. Your company won’t be responsible for setting or maintaining factory, production, labor, or product quality standards. These are all placed on the shoulders of the fully-abled manufacturer.
  5. Gives high-quality end products. Expect to receive top-caliber components and world-class customer service. 

How to Find Manufacturers In Mexico for Your Brand

Finding a Mexican manufacturer for your brand, and qualifying them, isn’t as complex and time-consuming as you may think. Yes, it does take effort and time to choose the right contract manufacturer and work through the startup process. However, getting the right partner on your side from the get-go will prevent many future headaches.

Here are the six steps to take:

1. Do an Industry-Specific Search

Depending on your industry, you’ll have unique specifications for your manufacturer. You need a partner who can design, prototype, and produce the components you require for specific applications. To help you narrow down your search, here are a couple of resources:

2. Conduct Thorough Research

Continue to sift through your options by doing a deep dive on the following manufacturer attributes to ensure they align with your needs and values:

  • Technology
  • Staff
  • Assets
  • Partnerships
  • Years of experience
  • Quality certifications
  • Labor and environmental standards

We go into specific questions to ask about these attributes in the next section, but you should be prepared to ask some of your own questions. Write them down so you don’t forget, and be sure you’re thoroughly satisfied with the answers. If possible, verify the answers before moving on to the next step.

3. Carefully Review the Manufacturer’s Supply Agreement 

The contract between your business and the manufacturer should cover:

  • Your business requirements, in detail
  • The manufacturer’s business requirements
  • Your legal recourse should there be a breach of contract
  • Component quality standards
  • Product warranties
  • A detailed bill of materials
  • A list of approved vendors
  • Contingency plans

You are under no obligation to sign an agreement that doesn’t meet your expectations. You have the right to request revisions before signing it or move forward with another manufacturer altogether.

4. Consider an On-Site Visit

Since Mexico is so close to home, a visit can be done in as little as a day. Visiting a potential manufacturer is a good idea to assure yourself that everything is up to your expectations. And getting face-to-face time with your contact can go a long way toward strengthening the partnership.

5. Do a Final Product Test Run 

Not all contract manufacturers in Mexico offer this service. Many perform fit and function tests during the prototype stages, but you also want other tests done during every step of the production process. Plenty of aspects may need to be tweaked along the way, so get your hands on your final product before you sign a contract and order a full batch.

6. Stay in Communication

While your local contact is an expert at their job, keeping the communication lines open will ensure issues (if any come up) are resolved immediately. 

What to Look for When Finding a Mexican Manufacturer

When it comes to manufacturing electromagnetic components for your brand, there are a few specific qualifications a maquiladora must meet:

While these qualifications are necessary, there are a few other items to discuss when deciding which maquiladora to choose. 

Here are some questions to research before you commit to any given manufacturer in Mexico:

  • Do they offer contract manufacturing of custom electromagnetic components? You need someone specializing in this space who can meet your exact requirements.
  • Does the manufacturer have a strong portfolio of clients and products in your industry? You want a partner who is very familiar and experienced with the components needed for your applications.
  • What’s their financial health? Ask for access to their balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and financial ratio. Have your accountant review these and give you their sign-off. 
  • How many years has the manufacturer been in business? Don’t waste your time with a new start-up. You want a manufacturer on your side with decades of experience.
  • Does the facility continually update its equipment to be more efficient? Older equipment is slow, less reliable, and potentially unsafe.
  • How is intellectual property secured? They must have proper security, both online and on-site, to ensure your information is never compromised.
  • Are all labor and environmental standards met? You want a manufacturer who upholds not only the law, but your values as well.

Why Choose Schott Magnetics Manufacturing in Mexico

Schott Magnetics provides contract manufacturing services in Mexico, so your company can benefit from the lower prices and higher quality available here. With an available workforce of educated, experienced, and skilled talent, you’re guaranteed to get products that meet your rigorous requirements—fast.

Contact us today to take advantage of our 70+ years of experience in the electromagnetic component manufacturing industry in the United States, China, and Mexico.

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